Thinking about making a podcast? You need the right kit – the right microphones, recording gear and other tools and services.

The great thing about podcasting is it is accessible – everyday people, businesses and influencers can grow an audience by sharing their insights on their own podcast show.

At Apiro Media, we get a lot of clients, contacts, even friends and family, talking to us about their ideas for starting their own podcast.

We always recommend that your podcast show should start with a strategy and planning. But that’s for another blog.

In this blog, we’re simply listing some of the key things you need to launch a podcast.

Before we get started, The assumption is you have a laptop or computer. After that, you’ll need:

A recording device

There’s lots of different directions you could go here, but the simplest and cheapest place to start is with a USB microphone.

The most recommended USB microphone with the perfect balance of affordability and audio quality is the Blue microphone range. The ‘snowball’ is the entry level option at around $100 (or less if on special – get it here) and we’d also recommend the Blue Yeti ‘Blackout Edition’.

USB microphones are easy. Simply plug them into your laptop, follow the prompts and start recording with your chosen audio editing software.

If you want to step up your podcast game, the ONLY recording device you need is the Zoom H6. This is the device we use at Apiro – it’s the Rolls Royce of audio recorders and recommended by many of the world’s top podcasters. It has all of the technical power you could ever need, up to five separate audio tracks, it’s portable, light, durable and you don’t need to plug it into a laptop to record – it records to SD disk.

You can often pick up a Zoom from your local music or electronics store, but you can get a great value bundle on Amazon.

With the Zoom H6 you will need to buy microphones and XLR cables separately. For mics, we use and highly recommend Sennheiser E835, which are fantastic value and quality. Depending on how many people you intend to interview, you’ll need to buy two to four.

And while you’re at it, grab an XLR cable for each mic.


There are a number of software options, but you can’t go past Audacity or Garageband (Mac). If you’re committed to having a go at producing your own episodes, teach yourself how to edit your own episodes within these platforms, through trial and error, or follow the many online and youtube guides.


You need to find a platform to host your episodes. This is where you upload each episode and distribute to all of the major podcast players via RSS (e.g. Apple Podcasts). One of the most reputable hosting companies in the world is PodBean (various pricing). There’s also a new upstart coming out of Australia, Whooshka, which is worth checking out.


If you’re even half serious about your podcast, it must have it’s own website. This is where you drive traffic, upload blogs, episode notes and lists etc. At Apiro, we build cheap and fast podcast websites using Wix. You can have a crack at knocking up your own website with the simple drag and drop editor, and hosting is cheap at around $10 per month.

A premium account comes with a basic, free domain but not all options are available. You may need to pick up your domain from somewhere like Crazy Domains.


When you’re running a podcast you need somewhere to gather your thoughts, plan your show and episodes, write interview questions, take notes etc. We have been using Evernote for a number of years now (for podcast work and, well, everything else!).

We love Evernote because notes sync across all devices, we can work offline and notes sync, and it just plugs in beautifully to our podcast system. When we interview guests, we usually have questions/themes on our devices and can add notes as we talk. All of our podcast related content is in Evernote and organised with categories and tags.

Apiro Media provides a full set up and editing service, but some of our clients work with us in different ways which we are more than happy to accomodate. 

Podcast services

Any one can start a podcast, which is great. But it takes a lot of time and hard work to get it right.

To create a high quality podcast, grow your audience and achieve your commercial goals, partner with an experienced media team.

Apiro Media provides affordable and efficient solutions for your show setup and launch, ongoing editing services, a professional network of media presenters, growth strategy, commercial strategy and other podcast services. Visit or contact us now to discuss your needs.

Andrew Montesi, Managing Director

Apiro Media and Apiro Consulting

Andrew is a full-stack marketer, media producer and entrepreneur with a career that has extended across sport marketing, professional services, social enterprise and TV news.

Andrew uses the power of high quality content to build personal and company brands. Connect on LinkedIn.

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