Writing blogs is the best way to kick start your content marketing and search engine optimisation strategy.

But the question is – is blogging for you?


Content is credible. 

Credibility is important to every business, particularly for professionals and those positioning themselves as experts and thought leaders. Marketing and promotion (as broad as those two words are) can be extremely difficult for the likes of medical professionals, consultants, finance and legal experts because many advertising mediums don’t connect with their target market, and even worse, potentially damage the brand.

On the other hand, a well written blog puts the professional on show for their right reasons: their expertise. Quality content proves to a potential client that the writer really is an ‘expert’, proactive and across the latest developments in their field. Blogging brings credibility to the professional and the business.

Everyone can blog.

Anyone can set up a blog quickly, easily and for free. Take the one you’re reading right now as an example.

You don’t need to be an amazing writer. The best blogs are simple, clear and concise. They can be as short and sweet, or long and detailed. It all depends on your message and strategy.

Blogs help your company website rank higher in a Google search.

You’ll hear the term search engine optimisation (SEO) getting thrown around. That’s basically ensuring that your website contains the “Google friendly” factors to ensure that your business website pops up as high as possible when people search for your area of practice in Google. To get traffic and conversions, you need your site ranking high for the right keyword and phrase searches. And this can be done without spending big on Google AdWords.

Understanding SEO is a topic for another blog (really, many blogs) but simply, Google’s algorithm favours sites with quality content. And Google loves a website that has many external pages linking to it. And the great thing is, when Google tweaks its algorithm (as it does often) you won’t need to worry – the search engine will always support a site that provides quality information to users.

Many of our clients get ongoing, regular leads from blogs they wrote years ago – your content will continue to appear in search, and will continue to be found by potential customers!

What do I write about?

Firstly, think about what a client would want to know about what you do. A frequently asked question always works, because if clients are asking you these questions then you can guarantee potential clients are researching it online too.

You also want to get the keywords right too, so use common, everyday terminology to ensure that when people are Googling what you do, you come up on page one ahead of your competitors.

People also search according to location. So if you’re a financial planner in Adelaide, try and get those keywords into the headline or opening paragraph.

For further content options, think about what is new in your industry, the latest innovation, a new product that you are offering and topical issues that impact your clients. But remember to focus on your area of expertise and be wary of strong opinion pieces, because you may alienate some of your readers.

Don’t underestimate your level of expertise. People want to know what you know.

Need help?

You might now understand the importance of content marketing and strategy, but you’re still seeing barriers. This writing stuff isn’t your strong suit, you might not have time to create content in an ongoing and consistent manner, and frankly you’d rather focus on your core business and put your content in the hands of experts. Fair enough.

Apiro Consulting specialises in content marketing, and has ongoing managed solutions to help your organisation create engaging, SEO friendly content on your website and social media every week (or as often as you like). Packages are priced to suit solo operators, small businesses and large enterprises.

Blogging is just the beginning. People and organisations now have the ability to be their own media company. You have the power.

Send me an email to organise a chat about your organisation’s content needs or find out more about our content marketing services.

– Andrew Montesi, Managing Director

Contact Apiro Consulting.

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