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We make it easy to find an expert to interview for your story.

Apiro Consulting connects journalists and bloggers to experts and talent across a range of industries, free and fast.

Let us ease the deadline pressure.

Send an email or call Andrew on +61 422 163 430 and we’ll immediately arrange the right expert for your story.

How it works

Story idea
You've got a story and ask us to find an expert to comment
Expert search
Choose an option for our vetted listWe'll tailor the list based on the story
Set up
We set up the interview and brief the expert
Interview complete
Expert is interviewed and story is published

Finding an expert to interview is now a fast and painless process.

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Our experts are ready and available

Business Leaders and Owners – Senior executives across almost all sectors, as well as founders of successful small businesses and startups.

Lawyers – Commercial, Family, Injuries and Class Actions, Employment. Estate Planning and more.

Finance Experts – Accountants, Financial Planners, Bankers and Brokers.

Medical and Rehabilitation Professionals – Psychologists (including experts in criminal, family and workplace issues), Specialists, GPs, Physiotherapists etc.

Educators – School leaders, teachers, education professionals.

Property Experts – Real estate agents, developers, tradespeople.

Marketers – Online marketers, Advertising executives and more.

Sport and Entertainment Experts – Sports administrators, current and past athletes, managers, media personalities.

Travel Experts – Travel professionals, Travellers, Expats,

And more!

Are you an expert in your field seeking more media coverage? Apply to join our panel.