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When people and companies think about sharing their story, many still think about it in conventional ways. Here's the angle, push it out in a press release. Here's what I'm selling, make an advertising campaign. But we now live in a world where we are all connected, yet our customers can be harder to pin down. Audiences are fragmented and segmented. It can be hard to know where to start.

Which is why we're committed to storytelling with purpose, with the focus on influence. Major news outlets might sway public opinion your way, but one meeting with a key decision maker can resolve an issue. An advertising campaign will get the phone ringing but it might take just one tweet from an influencer to spark your company's growth. At Apiro Consulting, our strategies are based on doing whatever it takes to get results - exploring all options and opportunities for our clients.

Andrew Montesi
Managing Director

Andrew Montesi

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Andrew Montesi, Managing Director of Apiro Consulting, is an entrepreneur and full-stack marketer.
He has led and managed ventures across Adelaide, London, Dublin, Boston and Ho Chi Minh with global innovators and multi-faceted teams.
Andrew has advised companies and organisations across a broad range of sectors including law, finance, health, technology, sport, education and retail.
While his foundations are in media, public relations and content marketing, he has also developed strong skills in social and digital marketing, search engine marketing and optimisation, and business development. This broad knowledge enables him to offer strategies and advice that encompass the full marketing mix.
Andrew co-founded TalkLife, a global social network collaborating with Microsoft Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University on world first youth mental health insights. He also founded Australia's first crowdfunding platform for legal cases and causes.
He also hosts and produces a business, leadership and marketing podcast, Rooster Radio, which has a five star iTunes rating.
Andrew is a former television sport reporter and producer, and started his career in the Adelaide Football Club's communications department.

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